Winter Concert

Second Saturday in December

First Baptist Church, Trenton

3:00 PM

Summer Concert

Third Saturday in June

First Baptist Church, Trenton

7:00 PM

Rehearsal schedule

8 Tuesdays prior to the concert

First Baptist Church, Trenton

6:30-8:30 PM

Please bring a pencil to each rehearsal.

Rehearsal philosophy

If you make a commitment to a performance, you also make a commitment to participate in the scheduled rehearsals.

It may be impossible for all of us to attend every rehearsal. If it becomes necessary for you to miss a rehearsal, please let your conductor know by 5:00 on the night of that rehearsal.

Dress Attire for Concert Performance

Choir Women and Men

Summer and Winter: All Black

Orchestra Women

Summer and Winter: All Black

Orchestra Men

Winter: Tux

Summer: Black Slacks, Long-sleeved Black shirt, Long Black tie